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COOKING CLASSES OAXACA.COM   { Salsas picantes,sopas,Guacamoles,Chilaquiles,Tortillas,Moles,Chiles Rellenos, Tamales Cervezas Mezcal ¡¡¡ mas mezcal ¡¡¡¡y mucho Mezcal ¡¡¡¡¡¡

Los Chiles y los Moles  {we need at least 3 people to run a class }{ vegetarians and vegans are more than wellcome }

Entering our kitchen Requires goin up Spiral stairs it cud be dificul for people with movility issues olso for very lurch people.

Our class is offered in Spanish and English, we are only about 10 min walk fron centro historico, Why go fare away fron centro histerico ?

This is not a restaurant cooking class led by a chef ,instead Our course will teach you how to create home made zapotec cuisine ,Both of our teachers Brink the knowledge of autentic cooking fron pueblos of oaxaca and share it with you. 

Our class goes fron 11am to 5 pm it is a fun and Educational way to spend a day and perfect for young people ,  students long term travelers  buck pakers ,All you need to brink is an open mind and empty Estomuch since you will be eating all throughout the day with us.

 This class is not just to learn about cooking, this class is about enjoying yourself. Food, drinks and great people are what make our cooking class diferent,  {it will be a free bar fron 12noon to 5pm} { in each class you will have the chance to try 4 types of mezcales}{ it will be a free bar }

We are located at Netzahualcoyotl # 144 -A  colonia Reforma we are close to the ADO first class bus station about 3 blocks fron parque el llano and a 15 min walk fron santo Domingo church.

The cost of of the class is 1.200 pesos MXN {about 65 USD per person}.payment is accepted at the end of the class in pesos {cash only}

If you need to cancel the class for eny reason please let us know at least 24 hours in advance ,if you cancel within 12 hours we spect you to pay the full price of the class ,please be understanding and mindful of this policy. {Agustin will contact you one or two days before the class to comfirm and make sure you steel in ¡

Before cooking begins ,our primary teacher Esperanza will take you on a 45 min tour of two of the largest daily markets in oaxaca Benito juarez y 20 de noviembre, Esperanza does not speack perfect English but she will make sure you understand every thing.

We have a minimun class size of three people and maximun of Seven people in one class ,we offer only small classes becouse they create the best environment for learning and feeling like you are part of the family, Our kitchen is above our restaurant with a nice sunny terrace and beautiful viewof the city. for a private class max size will be 8 people.

Esperanza y Blanca they are not profecional chefs they are cooks fron a nearby Zapotect towns of nOcotlan y tlacolula they have learned traditional cooking fron their mothers and grand mothers and they love sharing it wth others ,learning fron Esperanza y Blanca is the perfect way to guet first hands of experience making autentic oaxacan food.            

In each class we will teach you how to make one two or three types of tortillas wich may be , tortillas de mano me,meelitas,quesadillas,molotes,huaraches,chalupas,garnachas,flautas,tostadas,empanadas,tlayudas,sopes {olso you can learn how to make chilaquiles , rojos ,verdes,de tomate o chile guajillo {picositos}

Agustin,the host Speack Spañol English and 5 other lenguages,so comunication will no be a problem.

At the end of the class you will be able to take the recipies home with you ,so you can show frends and family how to make the best home made oxacan cuisine 

Chiles Rellenos, moles, tamales, tortillas, salsas picantes, Guacamole, Chilaquiles, frjoles Refritos,  postres. { in our class we only teach oaxacan tradicional cuisine }

MENU  # 1  :   2  hot table souses guacamole  2 types of tortillas  memelitas con queso fresco quesadillas con flor de calabaza arroz blanco Black or Red mole with chicken an postre 

MENU 2  :    2  hot table souses guacamole chilaquiles al guajillo chile de agua relleno de queso fresco chile pasilla relleno de picadillo de pollo y postre

MENU 3  :   2 hot table souses guacamole { tamalada }  tamales de mole con pollo en hojas de platano tamales de rajas con pollo en hojas de totomosle  y postre

MENU 4  ;    2 hot table souses Guacamole  chilaquiles Rojos  arroz blanco mole amarillo o mole verde con pollo y postre