Cooking classes oaxaca: los chiles y los moles : 6 hours cooking class 11am to 5pm, eny day, we need at leas 3 people in one class, { min size 3 people max size 8 people in one class } Our private kitchen is about 10 min walk fron centro historico, Why go farther and spend an hour transporting to other class ? { mostly our15 menus can be vegan or vegetarian }NOTE, our class is only Autentic traditional home made cuisine, taugth by a traditional cook not by a restaurant chef. { Esperanza has the same cooking style and tecnique than Abigael mendoza fron teotitlan delvalle, { famous zapotec traditional cook } Try us ¡

Cost of the class is 65 us dolls per person,  contac us:  cell 9512436789

If you guys will like to joing our class please let me know and Esperanza the teacher will met you guys close to the main markets in the zocalo {main squere} at 11am, After Esperanza will take you guys for 45 mintour to the main markets, { Benito juarez y 20 de novienbre } After the markets you guys will come by taxi to our kitchen {5 min rite }This menus are some of our best 15 menus to choose in our class, there are only a samples wath you can do in our 5 hours time cooking menu # 1-  2 hot table souses, guacamole, frijoles refritos,hand made tortillas, 2 appetizers, tlayuda vegetariana, {zapotec vegetarian pizza} quesadillas con flor de calabaza, arroz, Black or red mole with chicken and postre,  Menu # 2- { house menu los chiles rellenos y los moles }  2 hot table souses, guacamole, frijoles refritos, arroz, 2 types of chiles rellenos, Black or red mole with chicken and postre,  OLSO we do tamales, meny appetizers, soups, 25 types of tortillas blanditas { hand made tortillas }