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After you guys meet Esperanza in the zocalo at 11am

Esperanza will tell you diferents options you guys can chosse and cook in your class.

Non fixed menu;

1 hot table souce


1 Antojito

1 main dish

7 moles- all moles come with chicken and rice

Mole negro- 32 ingredients

Mole rojo- 30 ingredients

Mole coloradito- 28 ingredients

Mole mancha manteles- 25 ingredients

Mole chichilo

Mole de almendras

Mole verde o mole amarillo

Chiles rellenos

Chile poblano en nogada

Chile poblano with chicken hash

Fresh chile de agua with chiken hash or vegetarian

Chile jalapeño with chicken ash or vegetarian

Dry chile pasilla with chicken hash or vegetarian


Tamales en hojas de totomosle with chicken- many types

Tamales de mole en hojas de platano with chicken

Special 2 main dishes class

Posoles= 3 types -verde - blanco y rojo

Tamales y mole class- we need at least 3px for this menu- tamales en hojas de totomosle black or red mole

Chliles rellenos and mole- dry chile pasilla with chicken hosh also black or red mole with chicken

Tlayudas {vegetarian zapotec pizza}

Chiles rellenos=dry chile pasilla with chicken hash fresh chile de agua vegetariano  and hand made tortillas decoradas

Chiles en nogada- $1,500 pesos per person- minimum 3px


Antojitos- Quesadillas azadas from scrash including the tortillas- quesadillas fritas- tacos suaves- empanadas- molotes- tostadas- memelitas- huaraches- tacos dorados

This pictures show you our place olso some of the food we teach.