Esperanza cuisine is unique in oaxaca city,  { 34 years of Experience of Zapotec cooking and Tecnique } there is a Famous Lady fron Teotitlan del Valle {zapotec indian town} her Name is Abigail Mendoza, she is very famous for her zapotec cooking and tecnique, Esperanza olso she come fron Small Zapotec town, Esperanzas Family are Fron Ocotlan and San Antonino, there is a indian market every friday, Esperanza Learn About cooking since she was 8 years old, only Guman learn how to cook in the Zapotec culture, Esperanza learn About cooking fron her Grand mother and Mother, They teach Esperanza the family tecnique and recipies, 

Please After you and the other people met Esperanza, please feel free one of this main dishes you will like to preper in our class.

 In Every Class you will be Able to make, Pipian Verde, Pipian Rojo, con pollo, Mole Rojo, Mole Negro, Coloradito, Chichilo, Amendrado, mole Verde o Mole Amarillo all of them with chicken, Chiles Relleos, Fresh Chile de Agua {Fresh Chile} Relleno de queso y flor de calabaza o picadillo de pollo, Chile Pasilla {Dry Chile}Relleno con picadillo de pollo, Tamales, posoles,  After you guys met Esperanza please fell free to ask wath you will like to make in our class, Exep How to make tamales, we need to know in Advance

In Every class you can learn how to Preper our MASA { Dough }olso you will learn How to use it,  With this Corn Masa or {Dough}you can make one type of tortilla,, it may be, Blanditas , Memelitas, Quesadillas, Empanadas, Molotes, Huaraches, Zopes, Garnachas, Tostadas, Tacos, olso if you will Prefer you can Make Tlayudas, Fron Scrash including the tortilla.