FANASTIC COOKING CLASS, WONDERFULL HOSTS ¡  Nicolas and Family fron Lake Tahoe.

Whath is There to Really say ¡¡¡ 

Esperanza Blanca y Agustin Are Just Absolutely Wonderfull ¡¡ so incredible Fun, so informative, and Wath great cooking they teach, This is not your Withe coat chef hat cooking class, Wich i can only imagine a Complite bore and Were having fun would be Against the Rules, But a real home made style cooking class, Were Frends teach you how to cook and every one has a great time doing it, i can not wait to make, salsas picantes, tortillas, chiles rellenos, and mole at home, i would Recomend this one to eny one i know who goes to oaxaca¡¡ great people great lessons and trully great Time ¡¡