FANASTIC COOKING CLASS, WONDERFULL HOSTS ¡  Nicolas and Family fron Lake Tahoe.

Whath is There to Really say ¡¡¡ 

Esperanza Blanca y Agustin Are Just Absolutely Wonderfull ¡¡ so incredible Fun, so informative, and Wath great cooking they teach, This is not your Withe coat chef hat cooking class, Wich i can only imagine a Complite bore and Were having fun would be Against the Rules, But a real home made style cooking class, Were Frends teach you how to cook and every one has a great time doing it, i can not wait to make, salsas picantes, tortillas, chiles rellenos, and mole at home, i would Recomend this one to eny one i know who goes to oaxaca¡¡ great people great lessons and trully great Time ¡¡





Wath a day with cocinera Esperanza, host Agustin and assistend Juanita, we ve tried to sumalise the pros and cons below for a balance view but, let be honest it was awesome day out , { PROS } Free Bar { thats is lot´s of BEER and lot´s of MEZCAL and allthough he will tell you is within reason, Agustin wants every one enyoy they selves to the max - so much food fresh ingredients ... probably the best food we´ve had in mexico so fare - trying thins yo wouldn´n otherwise every body in the tour said that, despite having allready been throuth the markets, they never tried the variety of ingredients and local delicacies that we did with Esperanza, Gidance added to that she gave and explanation of the tradition of each item now is used when is consumed etc,  The class atracts the rigth kind of people and Agustin prefers to run the class with desent Size Group, so you are in for a good laugh.  { Free Bar, Free Mezcal - More mezcal ... { CONS } Probably cant´t reproduce the souses we learn to cook at home becouse we dont have the chilis for it, i dont have the capacity to fit all the food to take home { olso i need to buy a tortilla presser } to SUM UP - if i ever back in oaxaca i will take this class AGAIN